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RGBots is NSFW
Thanks, Green!

Long ago, when the earth was young and the moon was always full, three robots hung out and told dick jokes…

These are their stories.

Welcome to, home of the webcomic RGBots. RGBots is a funky NSFW paperJAM comic about Red, Green, and Blue, three robots with foul mouths and constantly conflicting continuities.

You can read new comics on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly. Periodically bonus comics may show up in the feed under the What’s Trending category. Topical!

Here are those robots, by the way:

You can learn more about the comic on the About page, check out Bonus Material, and even Ask the Bots a question that can be answered in comic form! To read the newest comic, use the “Latest Comic” link, or simply click that Green asshole below.

Green Robot Dares You To Click