About RGBots

RGBots is a funky NSFW paperJAM comic about RedGreen and Blue, three robots with foul mouths and constantly conflicting continuities. Each panel is painstakingly handcrafted to look suspiciously like the panels from previous comics, only with some different text to keep things interesting. The incredibly interesting text is written by a little collective of friendly writing buddies, though we won’t tell you who wrote what. It’s probably safer that way.

We like to update three times a week (M/W/F), but sometimes we’re awful people and get off on withholding updates. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram just to make sure we don’t get into too much trouble.

Our Current Contributor Crew (CCC) consists of:

  • hpkomic: Artist, Writer and Beardman
  • Deft Beck: Writer, Philosopher and Lizard
  • CallMeShameless: Writer, Bookface and Single
  • SpiritSails: Writer, Writer and Writer