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About RGBots

RGBots is a funky NSFW paperJAM comic about RedGreen, and Blue, three robots with foul mouths and constantly conflicting continuities. Each panel is painstakingly handcrafted to look suspiciously like the panels from previous comics.

A little group of buddies writes the comics’ incredibly interesting text, but we won’t tell you who wrote what. It’s probably safer that way.

We like to update twice times a week (T/TH), but sometimes we’re awful people and get off on withholding updates.

Our Current Contributor Crew (CCC) consists of:

  • hpkomic: Artist, Writer, and Beardman
  • Deft Beck: Writer, Philosopher, and Lizard
  • CallMeShameless: Writer, Bookface, and Single
  • SpiritSails: Writer, Writer, and Writer
  • FryHyde – Was kind enough to assist with archiving a backlog of strips


Q: Isn’t this just a rip-off of Dinosaur Comics?

A: Not at all! This comic uses more than six illustrations.

The comic began as an experiment to make comics with as few panels as possible, very much influenced by Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics – but over time, more and more illustrations have been added. At this point, the only real similarity is that they’re both webcomics.

Q: Why don’t you reveal who wrote what comic?

A: Because it’s more fun to guess who wrote what. Though statistically speaking – most of the comics are from one of the credited authors. Who could it be?

Q: What is going on with Public Domain Webcomic?

A: Public domain Webcomic was a spinoff comic I wanted to do that took old public domain comics and had the RGBots riff over them, not unlike Mystery Science Theater 3000. I still want to dabble in that and have dozens of completed comics.

The current plan is to run them from time to time here on

Q: This comic sucks!

A: Not a question, but thank you for commenting! It’d be a shame if you shared the comic on social media and told everyone what your least favorite comic was.