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A Bloody Tragedy

The mad science cult made a terrible mistake in making a robot that runs on blood.

A Bloody Tragedy Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Dec. 29th, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green marches into the scene, arms outstretched. Blue and Red are seen looking at him.

Green: The most annoying thing happened just now.

Blue: What was it?

Green: Okay, so you know how I have all that blood?

Blue: Of course.

Red: What.

Panel Two

Green explains the situation further.

Green: Well, I forgot to put it away last night and it got spoiled!

Blue (Off-Screen): All of it?

Red (Off-Screen): Where did you get the blood?

Green: And it didn’t stop there! I was trying to toss it and spilled it everywhere!

Blue (Off-Screen): That’ll happen.

Red (Off-Screen): Hey, where did all the blood come from?

Panel Three

The three robots are still in mid-conversation.

Green: You bet my face got real red after that one!

Blue: Haha!


Panel Four

Close crop of Green’s eyes – very creepy.

Green: From the blood bank.

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