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"Alas, yonder gun has fucked me up, verily."

Yet another malfunction…

Nothing like reposting hundreds of comics. Anyway, the RGBots are here to offer amusement. If you are not entertained, please write to them.

Yet another malfunction… Transcript

The following is a transcript for this RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red, Green, and Blue are hanging out. Green is speaking.

Green: Ah, what a beautiful day! The sun is shining…

Panel Two

Green’s arms are raised.

Green: The birds are singing… the breeze is warm… and so is my heart!

Panel Three

Red and Blue are conversing.

Blue: His poetic cliche module is acting up again.

Red: Sigh. I’ll get the thesaurus.

Panel Four

Blue stares.

Blue: How about a gun?

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