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Baseball Children

A “little league,” if you will.

Special thanks to Spirit for the insanity.

Baseball Children Transcript

This is a transcript of the September 18, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red and Blue are upset because they lost another baseball.

Red: Ah, man. Our baseball got knocked into Mean Mr. Green’s Lawn. What does he even do with our baseballs anyway?

Panel Two

Blue and Red glance into the yard ominously as Blue reveals a dark truth.

Blue: You don’t know? He makes them his children.

Panel Three

Green is naming his baseball children.

Green: And you are now Ross. And you are Chandler. You can be Rachael. This is your oldest sibling, Sassafras.

Panel Four

Green leans in.

Green: And this new one is Dogboy. He’s the runt. Deny him his sustenance.

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