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Everything is fucked and soon we’re all going to die of botulism when TikTok influencers start selling subscription boxes of raw milk.

FDA AYYLMAO Transcript

This is a transcript of the July 26, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

A view behind Green’s back as he responds to Blue.

Blue: Did you hear about that ‘Pink Sauce’ thing on TikTok?

Green: Yeah, how dare they go after a small business owner!

Panel Two

Green is ranting – the very spirit of capitalism manifests.

Green: I bet they may even come after me and my “Green Sauce” start-up. They’re stifling my creativity. They’re hurting small business owners!

Panel Three

We look over Blue’s shoulder at Green as she responds to his rant.

Green: I had a FDA-approved salsa verda mix ready to go with sealed, refrigerated bottles and appropriate labels to go and everything.

Blue: You know what the “F” in FDA stands for, right?

Green: Of course, “Food.”

Panel Four

Blue and Green wrap up the exchange.

Blue: Then you should be good.

Green: Oh. Oh wow. How bad did she fuck up?

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