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Fool you once – you deserve it, dickhead

Have you been kicked in the head recently? Then you’ll love CosmicBook News.

Fool you once – you deserve it, dickhead Transcript

This is the transcript for the July 13, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

Red is explaining a rumor. Blue has none of it.

Red: Well, according to a site that leaks insider information…

Blue: What site?

Panel Two

Red answers and Blue loses her shit.

Red: CosmicBook news.


Panel Three

Blue is staring at red, dumbfounded.

Blue: Oh, shit, you’re serious. You wouldn’t happen to have been kicked in the head by a horse at some point in time?

Panel Four

Close up on Blue.

Blue: Wait, you aren’t the guy who runs the website, are you? You’re a sweaty enough troll.

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