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Kill Your Darlings

Everything sure is great over at Discovery Warner Bros. right now. No red flags at all!

Kill Your Darlings Transcript

This is a transcript of the August 2, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is rocking back and forth with his knees clutched to his chest as Red and Blue watch on.

Red: What’s wrong with Green?

Blue: Discovery Warner Bros. canceled him.

Panel Two

Red is surprised.

Red; Wow, I didn’t know he had a project with the studio.

Blue: He doesn’t.

Panel Three

Red is alarmed.

Red: They can do that?!

Blue: Apparently.

Panel Four

Green relives the trauma.

Green: Zaslav held the gun to my head and everything… He just kept screaming at me “are you scripted? ARE YOU SCRIPTED CONTENT?”

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