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Like a Storm Raging Inside You

The struggle is real – messy.

Like a Storm Raging Inside You Transcript

This is a transcript of the May 11, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green desperately clutched at his head. He is stressed and anxious about something. His discomfort is clear.

Green: Augh. Ugh. Son of a bitch.

Panel Two

Green leans over, trying to catch his breath.

Green: No, no. I’m fine. I’m just – Ugh.

Panel Three

We zoom out. We see Red has been standing nearby the whole time – Red comments on the situation.

Green: Goddamn it. Fuck.

Red: You’ve been a real drag today, Green.

Panel Four

Green raises his arm in frustration, shouting out loud.

Green: You try having your best day with a burning anus!

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