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Lindsay It Ain’t So

What’s a little head between friends anyway?

Lindsay It Ain’t So Transcript

This is a transcript of the December 28, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One: Green holds a cellphone to Red’s face.

Green: Hey, did you hear about Lindsay Ellis?

Panel Two: Red looks at the viewer.

Red: The dumbest thing going on right now?
The latest reason why people should be licensed and require a psych-evaluation to use social media?

Panel Three: Red turns to face Green.

Red: It’s a brutally dumb saga of someone posting a toothless criticism and people freaking out, making her freak out in turn, and later try to ride the drama for profit which didn’t pan out.

Panel Four: Green leans toward Red thoughtfully with a finger on his chin while Red stares on.

Green: Oh, I was gonna say I just discovered a YouTuber called Lindsay Ellis who does video essays.
What’s all this about?

Red: You have a fun road before you.

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