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Mind the Gape

Allow RGBots to fill that gape in your life.

Mind the Gape Transcript

This is a transcript of the April 6, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is talking to Blue, filling her in on his theory about his purpose in life.

Green: The thing about being so brilliant is that I am obligated to help people be better.

Blue: Right.

Panel Two

Green ponders his path forward.

Green: It is tough, though, because the gape in knowledge between me and the average person is huge. A huge gape.

Panel Three

Blue stares at Green, dumbfounded.

Blue: Green, it is “a huge gap.”

Green: On no, it is much bigger than a gap.

Panel Four

Green stares condescendingly at Blue.

Green: You need to brush up on your English.

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