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Question Time: Sounding Off

Thank you, Green, for taking valuable time out of your busy schedule as a corpse to appear in this comic.

Remember that you can ask questions of any bots to be answered in a comic!

Question Time: Sounding Off Transcript

This is a transcript of the February 28, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

The black panel features a question from TheUberBadnik@Comics.Town.

Question: How would each of you describe each other’s voices? I’ve been imagining that Blue sounds like Glados, Red sounds like Wall-E, and Green sounds like the British AI voice that reads off memes stolen from Reddit on Tiktok or Youtube

Panel Two

Blue raises her arm in explanation.

Blue: Actually, yeah, maybe like Glados if you had Amy Poehler do the initial voice and filtered it. Not a bad approximation.

Panel Three

Red answers.

Red: Patrick Stewart.

Blue (off-screen): Absolute Lie. You Bobcat-Goldthwait-Brian-Posehn-sounding bitch.

Panel Four

Green’s lifeless, disfigured corpse lies still.

Caption: *Charlie Day.

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