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Reader Question: Halloween Costumes

How you visualize Blue’s costume makes the joke successful or not.

Special thanks to reader TheUberBadnik for the question. Submit your question anytime, and it might end up in the comic.

Reader Question: Halloween Costumes Transcript

This is a transcript of the October 4, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

A black void with a caption that features a reader question.

Caption: TheUberBadnik asks: Halloween is fast approaching; are are y’alls’ costumes gonna be?

Panel Two

Green is the first to answer.

Green: The Spider-Man of the RGBots Universe. I’ve been murdering mutant spiders to get enough chitin for the armor plating.

Panel Three

Red answers next.

Red: J.J. Abrams’ “Mystery Box.” I just need someone to paint the question marks on my ass.

Panel Four

Blue is the last to respond.

Blue: I’ll be going as “the Punchline.”

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