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“Snoopy Head Ass”

We are still rocked to our very core by this assemblage of words.

“Snoopy Head Ass” Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Jan. 22, 2021 RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red and Blue are having a conversation.

Red: I am not sure how to respond to this dude’s comment on my Instagram.

Blue: What does it say?

Panel Two

Red is glancing down in contemplation.

Red: He said, and I quote, “your face is a meme you look like the top of a condom with your snoopy head ass.”

Blue: That was quite an assembly of words.

Panel Three

Red and Blue continue to converse.

Red: But what, pray tell, does a “snoopy head ass” look like?

Blue: Well, like you, apparently.

Panel Four

Red and Blue end their conversation.

Red: I’m upset he had to drag Snoopy into it. Snoopy is such a good boy.

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