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Strawmen Beware!

Green is gonna tell it like it is and do it in the smarmiest way possible. He’s like John Oliver but not as rigid an automaton.

John can’t help being British, though.

Also, we are on Mastodon now. The only bots Elon Musk succeeded in removing from Twitter were these three assholes.

Strawmen Beware Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Dec. 26, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green sits at a desk.

Green: Welcome to “The Green Room.” It’s me, Green, the only robot in this comic people care about. Now, we’ve been accused of being “overly political” in the past…

Panel Two

Green raises his arms out in front of them, waving them dismissively.

Green: That somehow we’re a “little woke” and a “little preachy.”

Panel Three

Green crosses his arms and stares at the reader.

Green: Well, it’s about to get worse. The artists drew more panels of me at a desk.

Panel Four

Green holds the pose with his arms crossed, but his eyes are slightly lidded, conveying a smug expression.

Green: Plus, I can make this face. Can I host The Daily Show now?

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