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The Art of the Swear

Suck it you piss flopping shit birds.

The Art of the Swear Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Jan. 27, 2021 RGBots comic.

Panel One

Blue explains a concept to the reader.

Blue: Swearing is an art. Next time you want to tell someone how you really feel, please consider utilizing the mad-libs method.

Panel Two

The camera pulls back revealing Blue in full, who continues her lecture.

Blue: Simply combine the following:

(1) a bodily excretion

(2) a verb

(3) any random swear word

(4) an animal

Panel Three

The camera closes in on Blue who provides an example.

Blue: Have fun, you shit eating fuck donkeys.

Panel Four

The camera pulls back as Blue continues to elucidate.

Blue: You too, you cum sniffing cunt spiders.

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