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If he gets drunk and hurls retired cops around it then becomes "tossing around the ol' pigskin."

We’re a Sports Comic Now

Our normie era begins.

We’re a Sports Comic Now Transcript

This is a transcript of the February 12, 2024, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green approaches Blue to discuss the Super Bowl.

Green: Did you see Travis Kelce yell at Andry Reid on the sidelines of the Super Bowl?

Blue: Absolutely unprofessional.

Panel Two

Green continues to talk to Blue.

Green: It makes you wonder…

Blue: What? About his relationship with Taylor Swift?

Green: What? No.

Panel Three

Green explains his thoughts.

Green: I am sure her inevitable breakup album about him will be a Grammy winner. I am just thinking about the chaos that would occur if you released an amped-up Travis Kelce in a nursing home.

Panel Four

Green ponders as Blue chimes in.

Green: Old people strewn about like pillows and laundry.

Blue: Well, he is familiar with handling leather.

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