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What’s Trending: Joe Rogan

What do anti-vaxxers and NFT grifters have in common? They’re probably fans of Joe Rogan.

What’s Trending – Joe Rogan Transcript

This is a transcript of the December 16, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One: Blue scrolls through their phone in close up.

Blue: Joe Rogan is trending for having a guest on spreading COVID misinformation. The takes on it are unsurprising.
Read a response from on Twitter user named “Dr. Bitcoin” who was all in on Rogan’s podcast.

Panel Two: Blue addresses the viewer.

Blue: I though “Fuck, we’re about a week away from both scams really coming together to destroy us all.”
Anti-vaccine NFTs coming to the blockchain near you.
Burn through the forests and the population.

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