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Birdfucker Continues Birdfuckery

It looks like the man who fucked the bird app, Elon, has joined the cast of RGBots again!

Birdfucker Continues Birdfuckery Transcript

This is a transcript of the November 3, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Elon Musk approaches alongside Green.

Red: Green! What are you doing with Elon “Birdfucker” Musk?

Elon: ‘ello! Can I buy you out?

Green: Elon, stop asking everyone that.

Panel Two

Close up of Elon Musk.

Green (off-screen): Birdfucker over here liked my ideas so much that he wants my help brainstorming new Twitter features. He really liked my idea of “Twitter Brown” as a supplemental service to Twitter Blue.

Elon: It’s crackin’ mate.

Panel Three

Red asks the obvious question.

Red: What is “Twitter Brown?”

Green: I have no idea. I just said the first stupid thing I could think of. I think it was poop and then brain did the rest.

Panel Four

Something is dawning on Green.

Green: Ther weird part is, he is adamant about who gets to access it. Hey, Red. Do why people from Pretoria have issues with black people? Y’know… historically?

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