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People Are Saying It – He’s Doing It Now

You really fucked the bird this time, didn’t you Chief Twit?

People Are Saying It – He’s Doing It Now Transcript

This is a transcript of the November 1, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red and Green discuss the state of Twitter.

Red: Are you going to pay $8 a month for Twitter verification?

Green: Maybe.

Panel Two

Red is curious.

Red: Why?

Green: It depends on if I can be verified and change my display name to Elon “Birdfucker” Musk.

Panel Three

Red is doubtful.

Red: I doubt they’d allow that.

Green: Why not? They’d have my $8, and my Twitter handle wouldn’t be that. it’s satire.

Panel Four

Green looks into the camera.

Green: I heard freedom of speech is back. Right, Birdfucker?

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