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Blue World Order

They’re only violent purges because you don’t like them.

Blue World Order Transcript

This is the transcript for the Sept 17, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

The bots are standing together, discussing a change in leadership.

Green: Okay, so then it is decided. In this time of post-apocalyptic crisis, Blue is now the ruler of this wasteland.

Red: I would clap if I had hands.

Panel Two

A close-up of Blue, who is addressing her new subjects.

Blue: Thank you. I promise to be a benevolent overlord.

Panel Three

A black void with a caption.

Caption: One Week Later

Panel Four

Green is leaning over, exhausted, speaking with Red.

Red: I am having second thoughts on our leadership.

Green: Why is that?

Red: The violent purges, mostly.

Green: For me, it was the smoking ban.

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