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The Spicy takes must flow…

Same wormshit, different day.

The Spicy takes must flow… Transcript

This is the transcript for the Sept 16, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

Red is glancing off-screen as he talks about his topic for the comic today.

Red: So, Denis Villeneuve is the latest director to have a go at Marvel Studios’ movies.

Panel Two

Red continues.

Red: His comment was “there are too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others.” His opinion is perfectly fine and not inaccurate, but I always find this line of criticism hilarious.

Panel Three

We zoom in closer on Red.

Red: Formulas work because they are successful. So, it’s kind of a weird way to frame that these Marvel Studios movies are super successful because they have cracked the crowd-pleasing formula and are beloved.

Panel Four

Red glances at the reader.

Red: Just nobody tell him about the “hero’s journey” that is all over Dune, his next movie, an adaptation of a popular and influential science fiction novel.

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