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“Where are they now?” 2021 Recall Edition

If any of this makes sense to you… you might be a Californian.

“Where are they now?” 2021 Recall Edition Transcript

This is the transcript for the Sept 15, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

Green sits at his desk and points to the viewer. It is time to be informed, goddamn it.

Green: With the 2021 California Recall behind us, it seems prudent to ask “where are they now” regarding the gubernatorial hopefuls.

Panel Two

Green has folded his hands together to calmly explain a situation.

Green: Shortly after his failed bid, Larry Elder traveled back in time to the day before the election to launch his website contesting the result before any of the votes were tallied. The timeline did not change and he is still a loser.

Panel Three

Green extends his arms out for emphasis on his point.

Green: Caitlyn Jenner, having worn out her welcome, is now recuperating in the Kardashian cryopod for the next season of the show.

Panel Four

Green returns to a relaxed sitting position. He has clasped his hands together again.

Green: In sadder news, we regret to inform you all that John Cox has shot his bear in the effort to pursue another gimmick.

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