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Boomer Doomer

Bonus points if they post about it on Facebook. If they have a stroke because of it you basically caught the golden snitch.

Boomer Doomer Transcript

This is the transcript for the Sept 14, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

Green is speaking to the reader, revealing the ins and outs of how things work for him.

Green: Being irritating is actually very hard work. I am always looking for a shortcut to achieve maximum apoplexy.

Panel Two

Green ponders for a moment. He rests a claw against his chin as he thinks.

Green: it is especially fun to fuck with baby boomers. Self-entitled, emotionally-stunted seniors flip out so wonderfully.

Panel Three

Green leads forward, content in the fact the knowledge he shares is impressive.

Green: If you really want to rattle a boomer, tell them you pity them. They short-circuit.

Panel Four

Red appears, casting aspersions at Green. Green takes it on the cheek.

Red: You’re a sociopath.

Green: Any more so than a baby boomer?

Red: Touché.

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