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Bots on Bots

Ever had a conversation with an utter moron? How about two of them?

Bots on Bots

This is a transcript of the March 23, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One:

Blue has a hand raised while speaking.

Blue: Red, who is your favorite pop-culture robot?

Red: I dunno, Iron Man?

Blue: . . . Iron Man?
Iron Man isn’t a fucking robot.

Panel Two:

Blue and Red face each other in discussion.

Blue: He’s Robert Downey Jr. in a Costume!

Red: Well, I mean, the suit has an A.I. and it can operate by itself –

Panel Three:

Blue standing alone.

Blue: Red, you fucking idiot.
The A.I. is just a subservient tool for the human in the suite!
We need real, autonomous robotic icons disconnected from humanity.
What about you, Green? Who is your favorite pop-culture robot?

Panel Four:

Green stands with his arms raised in excitement, Red and Blue face him.

Green: I like Cyborg from that Justice League movie.

Red: Oh yeah, he’s cool.

Blue: Damn it.

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