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Commercial Break #1

RGBots get real.

Commercial Break #1 Transcript

The following is a transcript for this RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is speaking to the reader.

Green: You begin to feel cold. Your body is giving out. The flesh machine that you are is shutting down. In your death bed you feel your eyelids grow heavy.

Panel Two

Green leans forward to put emphasis on these lines.

Green: The fatigue of realization of an unremarkable existence begins to settle over you. Your disinterested progeny turn to one another, discussing how they will divide up your meager, pointless possessions as you finally fade.

Panel Three

A closer view of Green, as though he is leaning in.

Green: Your wheezing death rattle does not register with them as they are debating who will keep your collection of ceramic clowns.

Panel Four

A black panel with white text. There is a slogan: You can’t outrun your mortality, but for everything else there is Nike©.

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