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Frog Comes to Helltown

We make no excuses.

Rest in piss, Robert Durst.

Frog Comes to Helltown Transcript

This is a transcript of the second January 10, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green approaches Red with a question.

Green: Remember that guy, Robert Durst?

Red: From Limp Bizkit?

Panel Two

Green explains.

Green: No, I am not talking about Jacksonville’s finest. The old guy who murdered, like, several people, and outted himself in a documentary about his life.

Panel Three

Red remembers the situation now and thinks back on it.

Red; Oh, yeah, I remember. He sounded a bit like a frog there when he outted himself. What’s up?

Panel Four

Green stands in front of Red, his arms on his hip. Red has fallen forward on his face due to the power of the pun.

Green: He croaked.

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