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New Year, Old Habits

That’ll learn her to have an honest conversation.

New Year, Old Habits Transcript

This is a transcript of the second December 30, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One: Red stands facing right in close-up.

Red: Hey Blue, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
Do you have a resolution for next year?

Panel Two: Blue looks up and raises and hand in thought.

Blue: Hmm.
Can’t say I do, I always found the whole New Year’s Resolution thing to create unreasonable expectations over things we can’t really control.

Panel Three: A close-up of Blue’s eye filled head.

Blue: I just find it is easier to tell myself “I’ll try to do a little better this year” and leave it at that.

Panel four: Both Red and Blue look at each other.

Red: My resolution is to listen to less boring sermons.

Blue: Dick.

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