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Future Imperfect

It’s becoming an increasingly regular occurrence.

Future Imperfect Transcript

This is a transcript of the September 27, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red and Blue discuss getting older.

Red: I believe I am out of touch.

Blue: How so?

Red: This “Try Guys” thing.

Panel Two

We pull the camera back.

Red: Here was a whole thing that has tons of fans that I was not even aware existed suddenly trending.

Blue: That has got to be disorienting.

Panel Three

A close-up angle of a disoriented Red.

Red: I just finally feel like I crossed a threshold into “old person” and I don’t like it.

Blue (off-screen): Did you look it up?

Red; Hell no. I don’t give a shit.

Panel Four

Red gets to the heart of the issue.

Red: I just don’t like this new feeling. What if this becomes memes that I do not understand later?

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