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Saving Throw

The first mistake was Red trying to sneak his vore fetish into the Dungeons & Dragons session.

Saving Throw Transcript

This is a transcript of the September 22, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green lands a terrible roll in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Red: Alright, Green. You failed your roll, so the dragon eats you.

Green: Bullshit, but okay.

Red: It swallows you whole and you slide down it’s throat.

Panel Two

Green has a plan.

Green: I rolled to cum.

Red (off-screen): What.

Green: I roll to cum.

Red (off-screen): … okay. I roll a ten.

Blue (off-screen): You’re not

Red (off-screen): It’s a legal move, Blue.

Panel Three

Green rolls, and the results play out.

Green: I roll a twenty.

Red: Sigh. You orgasm from the undulations of the dragon’s esophagus. Alarmed, the dragon vomits you out.

Panel Four

Green survives the encounter.

Blue: I can’t believe that worked.

Green: Even if the roll had failed, I’d have still won.

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