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Indie Darling

We strongly approve of vanity projects.

Indie Darling Transcript

The following is a transcript for this RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green, arms in the air: “I just got the call of my career! My indie film, Plantain Apartment, caught the eye of a big movie mogul!”

Panel Two

Green: “Now I am gonna direct Peerless Warrior 4: Return of the Beginning!”

Blue: “Wait, that 1980s franchise?”

Green: “Yeah, I am gonna put a whole new spin on the series!”

Panel Three

Green: “The Warrior comes back after 20 years to fight Malicious Delicious, back from the grave… and time! And he’s gonna have a new sidekick – The Olive Defender!”

Blue: “Who will be playing him?”

Panel Four

Green: “Oh, just some up and coming actor, two feet tall, and handsome as all get out.”

Blue: “Finally, cinema is saved.”

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