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Old Man Comedy

Getting real tired of that tired old man.

Old Man Comedy Transcript

This is a transcript of the May 24, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red confesses how he makes his money here and there.

Red: I ghostwrite jokes for comedians once in a while. Usually, it’s pretty fun.

Panel Two

Red continues, expressing concern.

Red: I have one client who I have been writing bad material for as a social experiment. I literally just write the dumbest, most boomer shit.

Panel Three

Red stares at the reader, getting something off his chest. He puts emphasis on the material.

Red: Like, shit a confused, scared uncle would say on Thanksgiving as they realize they are obsolete to society. Just sad stuff that feels more aged than an Archie Bunker line.

Panel Four

Red wraps up.

Red: You’d think he’d catch on, but that is Dave Chappelle for you.

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