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Werner Reviews #1

So this is a thing now.

Werner Reviews #1 Transcript

This is a transcript of the May 21, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

A black void with text on it.

Caption: Werner Herzog Reviews Things; a performance

Panel Two

Green is disguised with a paper mask of Werner Herzog.

Green: “The Taco Bell nacho fry is a sign of mankind’s hubris that has a singular comparison to another crime against the cosmos that must be made.

Panel Three

Green continues his rant.

Green: “Indeed, it seems that the soggyness of the Nacho Fry is as much of an affront to the natural order…”

Panel Four

A closeup of Green in the mask.

Green: “… as the splitting of the atom as a tool of war. As though we have spat in the face of God himself.”

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