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Prophet of a Meathead God

“You mean… I can listen to him on my phone for free and not call the pay-per-minute line?”

Prophet of a Meathead God Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Sept. 24, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red, Blue, and Green are having a spirited conversation.

Blue: Why would you pretend to be a dying child to meet Joe Rogan?

Red: Why am I not shocked that it worked?

Green: He’s my hero, dude.

Panel Two

Green lists all the ways he loves Joe Rogan.

Green: He can say whatever crap he wants to millions of people and spread misinformation. He can be a money obsessed troll with no consequences and he gets paid for it. Nobody shuts up about him. He is a god.

Blue (off-screen): Wow, you must really love his podcast.

Panel Three

Green stares blankly. He is taking in new information.

Panel Four

Green is dumbfounded.

Green: He has a podcast?

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