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Routine Pootine

Of course, we’re gonna share the video.

Routine Pootine Transcript

This is a transcript of the January 31, 2024, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red and Blue are talking.

Red: Do you think we rely on scatological humor too much?

Blue: Maybe.

Panel Two

Blue gives this serious thought. It is a nuanced answer.

Blue: I think sometimes it is easier to go down that path for a cheap laugh. Not that it makes us lazy. It helps us meet deadlines.

Panel Three

Red takes this position and acknowledges its validity.

Red: I suppose that is one way of looking at it.

Green (off screen): Hey guys!

Panel Four

Green approaches them. He is staring at his phone.

Green: I just sent you a link to a video about a hippo shitting so hard that his tail twirls around like a helicopter.

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