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Rubdown Rampage

“Yeah, let’s see how you feel when your aches and pains are gone!”

Rubdown Rampage Transcript

Panel One

Blue: “Oddly valiant of you to donate your arms to Red, Green.”

Green: “I am just glad to know that my best friend will be able to experience the true pleasures in life.”

Panel Two

Green, arms up in the air: “Pleasures like digging your claw into the back of your best friend to help relieve the tension of a hard day.”

Red: “I’m not giving you a massage with your own claws. It’s always about you, you, you!”

Panel Three

Green: “That’s the last straw, Red! I am so sick of everyone’s shit.”

Panel Four

A title card with white text on a dark background reads: “Green went on a rampage. Nobody died. However, the knots in their backs vanished for good.”

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