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Secret Agent

Beep, boop, Red down the chute.

Secret Agent Transcript

This is the transcript for the July 27, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

The robots are standing around, trying to figure out who the impostor is.

Green: One of us here… does not belong.

Blue: it’s Red.

Red: What? Why me?

Panel Two

Overhead angle looking down on red. Slightly paranoid feeling.

Blue: it’s the most logical choice. You are square while we are rounded and elegant and you have no arms. Plus, green is a combination of yellow and blue, this Green and I are related.

Green: That’s a good point!

Panel Three

Green shoos off Red.

Green: Get out of here, Red! Shoo! Go be square and red somewhere else.

Red: HISS.

Panel Four

Blue is in contact with her handlers.

Caption: Later:

Blue: (in-Korean) The fools fell for it.

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