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The Green Room: Oranges



The Green Room: Oranges Transcript

This is the transcript for the Aug 4, 2021 RGBots

Panel One

Green sits at a desk and points at the viewer.

Green: What is up, assholes, you just entered – THE GREEN ROOM. Raw, unfiltered, and extra GREEN.

Panel Two

Green sits back in his chair and extends his arms outward.

Green: First up! ORANGES!

Panel Three

Green is hunched over his desk, glowering at the camera. He has an armed raised in the air in anger.

Green: They are an awful Christmas gift! Who the fuck gives away an orange for Christmas?

Panel Four

Green sits back in his chair. His claws are folded neatly across his desk.

Green: This has been THE GREEN ROOM. Have a good night… except for you orange-giving fucks.

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