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The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Five

Well, that settles it.

The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Five Transcript

This is a transcript of the February 14, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Blue looks annoyed.

Blue: I grow tired of this pointless debate.

Red (off-screen): You have a verdict?

Blue: Fuck no.

Panel Two

Green has raised his arms in triumph.

Blue (off-screen): I just kind of want to see Green try to fight a bear.

Green: Finally, my time has come.

Panel Three

Green shrugs his arms, and Red stares at him.

Red: So wait, your whole thing was that you wanted to fight a bear, and we’ve been holding you back?

Green: Pretty much!

Panel Four

Red turns to Blue.

Red: I changed my mind.

Blue: Right?

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