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The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Four

Now the PACs have gotten involved!

The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Four Transcript

This is a transcript of the January 19, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is at a desk, gesturing with his arms to make a strong, initial statement. There is also a bear emoji sticker.

Green: Hello America. Good to see you. I am here to talk to you about a threat to our way of life. Bears. 🐻

Panel Two

He sits with his claws folded to appear stately.

Green: And no, by “bears” I am not referring to the fat, hairy fun time boys on PornHub. Though these bears I speak of now can be a threat to those bears during a porn shoot in the woods or a Russian circus.

Panel Three

Green folds his arms, confident of his messaging.

Green: I forget my point. I merely want to put my money where my mouth is to go and fight a bear in the woods to settle this debate once and for all.

Panel Four

Green stands against a black void. This has been a PAC commercial.

Caption: Green – Will Fight a bear in the woods to with the argument… For America.

Green: Guns, knives, whatever gets the job done.

Caption: Paid for by the “Up Your’s, Red” Pac.

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