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The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Three

Things have devolved into personal attacks here during the “Man vs. Bear Debate.” Can a man beat a bear in combat? Who the hell cares – time to get petty. Shakespearean insults and all.

The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Three Transcript

This is a transcript of the January 17, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is severely agitated; his claw is raised into the air for emphasis.

Green: As you can see, Your Highness, my opponent is a dumb red box who deserves to die.

Red (off-screen): Hey! My likeability has no bearing on this debate. Get it?

Panel Two

Blue and Red are staring at Green.

Blue: First of all, it’s “Your Honor,” and it’s not even that. Secondly, why are you attacking your opponent and not his argument?

Red: because he is an asshole.

Panel Three

Green raises a digit in the air, explaining his debate strategy.

Green: I am using the tried and true strategy of pointing out my opponent being a huge stinky turd that you’d be foolish to believe. By attacking my opponent instead of their claims on their own merits I am winning over hearts and minds.

Red (off-screen): Shenanigans!

Panel Four

Green has a proposal! His arms are raised for emphasis!

Green: I bite my thumb at you, sir. I propose that we settle this through action, not words!

Red: I concur!

Blue: I’ll get the knives.

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