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The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Two

If your group does not have prior debate rules established, what are you even doing?

The Man vs. Bear Debate: Part Two Transcript

This is a transcript of January 12, 2023, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green leads forward in consideration.

Green: We’ll need to settle this debate through arbitration.

Red: Agreed. We don’t want a repeat of the ketchup debate.

Green: I still have the limp from that.

Panel Two

Blue is on her smartphone.

Red (off-screen): Blue, will you be willing to serve as arbitrator in the Man vs. Bear Debate?

Blue: I’ve already cleared my schedule.

Panel Three

Blue takes on a serious and committed attitude.

Blue: I promise to uphold the standards of previous debates and approach the debate without bias. Do we have a quorum?

Panel Four

The bots have come to an agreement.

Green: AYE.

Red: AYE.

Blue: Let the record show that we are really fucking bored.

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