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Werner Reviews #2

“I give the Jack in the Box ‘Roost Fries’ an acknowledgment, but I will keep my praise withdrawn because they have yet to complete their journey.”

Werner Reviews #2 Transcript

This is a transcript of the June 14, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

A black void with a caption.

Caption: Wener Herzog Reviews Things; a performance

Panel Two

Green is back, wearing the paper mask of Werner Herzog.

Green: “The Jack in the Box Roost Fries are, in theory, an ideal combination of elements that humankind is inevitably drawn toward. Psychological vittles manifest as culinary comfort.”

Panel Three

We zoom out a bit from Green. He leans forward.

Green: “However, their execution represents the haphazard nature by which the human psyche grasps at stimuli and tries to reconfigure them into some semblance of identity.”

Panel Four

Green continues, really feeling it now.

Green: “The fries, chicken, and sauce can never truly be a cohesive whole, just as our separate embraces of stimuli never form an ideal sense of self. The spicy version, however, comes close.”

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