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A Joe Rogan Experience

Literally sounded like a bucket of offal and beer being shaken around.

A Joe Rogan Experience Transcript

The following is a transcript of the Sept. 28, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green marches up to Blue. He is pissed. Blue is confused.

Green: Damn you, Blue!

Blue: What did I do?

Panel Two

Green raises his arms in frustration over being duped.

Green: You told me Joe Rogan had a podcast and I listened to it and it was terrible! It was just a sweatier version of what Marc Maron was doing a decade ago!

Panel Three

Green leans in for emphasis as Blue takes in this whirlwind of information.

Green: The worst part was, as I was listening, I kept hearing what I thought was the sound of sewage runoff being pumped through a pipe near the microphone.

Panel Four

Green storms off dismissively as Blue stands there, dumbfounded.

Green: But it just turned out to be the steroids and PCP sloshing around in his goddamn neck veins!

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