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A Robot of Particular Tastes

The internet has enabled the urge to roll around in the muck of depravity so much stronger.

A Robot of Particular Tastes Transcript

This is a transcript of the June 8, 2021 RGBots.

Panel One: Green stands in the background facing Blue, who is facing away from the viewer.

Green: I made a mistake of checking out Red’s favorites on his DeviantArt account.

Blue: Mistake? What do you mean?

Green: Okay. You asked.

Panel Two: Green leans forward intently.

Green: Do you remember that Disney cartoon? “Gummi Bears”?

Blue: You mean “Adventures of the Gummi Bears”?

Green: Yes, you huge fucking nerd.

Panel Three: Green, on the left, leans toward Blue, on the right.

Green: Well, he has a favorite folder full of pictures of the Gummi Bears.

Blue: So he’s a fan? Not super weird.

Green: It’s more about what he titled the folder, Blue.

Panel Four: The bots are shown in full body. Blue stares into the middle distance.

Green: “Cummy Bears.”
The folder is called “Cummy Bears”, Blue.

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