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A little glimpse into the writing process of Netflix‘s live-action anime adaptations.

Re-booto Transcript

This is a transcript of the May 18, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green is talking with Red about an exciting opportunity he now has.

Green: Netflix has tapped me to write their live-action adaptation of the anime Naruto.

Red: How is that going?

Green: Easy, I’m already done!

Panel Two

Red is incredulous and questions Green.

Red: I have to ask, what did you change? The adaptations always make weird changes.

Green (off-screen): Not much, in this version veteran cop John Naruto is working undercover to take down Yakuza in Los Angeles.

Panel Three

Red is shocked! SHOCKED!

Red: That doesn’t sound like Naruto at all! Are there at least references to the anime and manga? How did you handle all the “kitsune” stuff?

Panel Four

Green is visibly confused.

Green: “Kitchen-what?”

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