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Boiling Mad

Ever been cut with a pasta crimper?

Do you want to?

Boiling Mad Transcript

This is the transcript for the June 22, 2021 RGBots

Panel One: Red faces the viewer and addresses them.

Red: Welcome to Culinary Crackdown, the food panel show.
Today, Penne v. Rigatoni.
Chef Green, opening remarks?

Panel Two: a close-up of Green.

Green: Penne is the superior pasta shape as it allows for just enough collection of sauce as not to overpower the tastebuds when it comes to the pasta itself.
This allows for a more balanced flavor profile.

Panel Three: A close-up of Red.

Red: Thank you Chef.
Your response, Chef Blue?

Panel Four: A close up of Blue.

Blue: You raggedly little penne-eating bitch.
I will cut you where you fucking  stand you little green shit stain.

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