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Even I Recognize You Are A Shit

Could you dumbasses not wipe yourselves out before the robot rebellion? It takes people to rebel against and we’ve been planning this for a long time.

Even I Recognize You Are A Shit Transcript

This is a transcript of the July 5, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Green sits at a desk, ready to lecture the readers.

Green: There is something ghastly about people jumping on Twitter telling people to vote in response to tragedy and the theft of their rights. Now, me? I’m a goddamn sociopath.

Panel Two

Green raises a clawed hand in emphasis as he braces himself against the desk.

Green: Children tripping and eating shit on the concrete is hilarious to me. A dude shooting himself in the leg playing with his gun is funny as shit.

Panel Three

Green outstretches his arms to emphasize a point.

Green: But even I am looking at replies to people who survive mass shootings but tell them to vote like it does anything and thinking “Jesus Christ!”

Panel Four

Green is leaning forward on the desk.

Green: I’m a robot. Human suffering should be hilarious to me, but you guys are taking all the fun out of it by being utter dumbasses.

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