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The Weekly Grind

*smokes cigarette*

It’s all so tiresome.

The Weekly Grind Transcript

This is a transcript of the July 12, 2022, RGBots comic.

Panel One

The three robots are engaged in a simulation.

Green: “Offensive conservative opinion.”

Blue: “Societal outcry!”

Panel Two

Green leans forward, toward Red.

Red: “Provided evidence disputing conservative opinion, dealing it to be faulty and manipulative.”

Green: “Conservative indignance, misdirection, or changing of conditions.”

Panel Three

Green clutches their head in shock!

Green: “Sudden, ironic reversal of fortune that undercuts the conservative opinion.”

Red (off-screen): “‘Life comes are you fast’ memes and humorously juxtaposed screen captures.”

Panel Four

Green stares off into the distance. Blue glances at the reader.

Green: “Conservative purposefully obtuse to irony, persists in spouting offensive opinion, refusing to ‘take the L.'”

Blue: See you next week.

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