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It’s a moral imperative…

You are morally obligated to mess with those jerks for the next two years. Probably further.

It’s a moral imperative… Transcript

This is a transcript of the April 22, 2021, RGBots comic.

Panel One

Red, Green, and Blue are standing together. They feel exhilaration and joy.

Green: Oh man! I can’t believe this pandemic lockdown is almost over!

Blue: Thank Satan.

Panel Two

They continue to talk.

Green: Hey, guys?

Red: Yeah?

Green: Let’s make a pack as best friends…

Panel Three

Green leans in very seriously.

Green: Let’s spend the next two years fucking with the people who refused to mask up and made the pandemic even longer than it needed to be.

Panel Four

The three robots are rejoicing! They are unified in a cause.

Red: I’ll spit in their food!

Blue: I’ll slash their tires.

Green: I’ll engage in tax fraud and pin it on them!

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